It's Hard To Say

What is said signifies the act of enunciating a saying.  The saying on the contrary signifies that which is going to be said, what will perhaps one day be said, or even what has already been said.  These are the sayings that while waiting to be said or while having already been said, remain in a virtual and unconscious state.  I enunciate now a statement but I do not know when or where another statement will reappear: perhaps it will surprise me in a dream tonight or in an unanticipated event tomorrow.  In a word the saying can be defined as a statement that has not yet been said or even as a statement already said in the past while waiting to reappear, while the what is said has the value of an act; it is the act of saying.  What is said is always an act while the saying remains suspended in the virtuality of a past and an expectancy.
Juan-David Nasio | Five Lessons on the Psychoanalytic Theory of Jacques Lacan


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[1] Nasio, Juan-David. Five Lessons on the Psychoanalytic Theory of Jacques Lacan.  Trans. Pettigrew, David and François Raffoul.  State University of New York Press 1998. P. 53.

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